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Announcing: Elite Memlens! @psyhigh @earlyclues

1 min read

Congratulations to our Elite Memlens! These are the students have drunk the most Memlen Elven Cola™ since it was first introduced on campus.

They can easily be identified by their exceptionally large heads, and/or gold/blue glow/pallor.

Or, in some cases, huge, bulging eyes, fuzzy donkey ears, and claws. 

Being an Elite Memlen also means being eligible for many special benefits, including but not limited to: unerring vision of the harsh inevitability of the future, epistemological indigestion, and transcendent gas buildup.

Wouldn’t you like to be a Memlen too? Become one of our Elite Memlen Brand Ambassadors. Drink more Memlen Elven Cola™ today! Right now!