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Reflections on #Wisdom3dot2 Day One @earlyclues @EarlyCluesIAO @DaveBuckloe

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Getting There is 16/5ths the Fun!

Naturally, had a bit of unplanned adventure getting here - the Wisdom 3.2 conference of 2014. With the flights disrupted out of Chicago (apparently due to the summoning of a fire elemental gone haywire), teleportation ley lines were a bit clogged, and we ended up translocating not at The Unincorporated Eco-Villages of Thai Ornament in sunny Boca Raton, but into the depths of the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge.

As a seasoned psychic business traveler, I am accustomed to traveling light. However, with my presentation on Monday, I've got a lot of equipment in tow. My assistant handled this turn of events with his usual aplomb, weeping and refusing my attempts to soothe him, even refusing offers of his favorite Pizza Scrubbie Snacks™ hours ahead of schedule. Fortunately, after strapping the entirety of our equipment, suitcases, and my assistant's wardrobe trunk to my back, the encroaching growls of the famed Florida Panthers roused my assistant from his depressive sloth and we were on our way to Alligator Alley - The Everglades Parkway.

With consistent application of a bevy of Longshot Luck Spells, it wasn't too long before our telepathic distress calls (and the energetic presentation of our thumbs) found us a ride. Unsurprisingly, it was the naive idealism of young people (something Psychic High School is founded on) that came to our aid. In this case, it was a group of freewheeling Manatees (or "Manateens") on a road trip to a Fish concert that pulled over and allowed us to load our sodden bundles - and ourselves - into their van.

It was a smooth trip from there. They were kind enough to share their supplies with us, including generous amounts of their coveted "alligator weed." Once we finally arrived at The Unincorporated Eco-Villages of Thai Ornament in Boca Raton, we were really feeling the spirit of Florida. I was sure that even my assistant, curled in a ball in the corner of the van and sobbing, clawing against its metal sides, was ready to embrace "the sunshine state."

After inadvertently breaking and entering into a couple of the wrong time-shares, we finally made it to Thai Ornament. I unpacked and hung out our gear to dry, and, with no short amount of manhandling, was able to lock my assistant into our luxurious quarters. Beginning to come to his old senses, he demanded I bring him food, a change of clothes, and a racing form. After a change from my safari khakis into my Armani, I joined the Dance Party "Buffet," in search of my colleagues (and sustenance for my assistant).

Total Chillaxation

And what a "Party" it was! Frankly, Bohemian Grove has been on the slide for some time, and what a breath of fresh air it was to find myself among my true peers in the cutting edge spirituality and reality manipulation racket. While I missed His Excellence the Five-hundred and Thirty First Hama Lama and Dr. Tara Mallory, I'd seen them many times before. And as everyone knows, the real "business" that goes down at an event like this is the "networking."

At the Dance Party "Buffet," the gateways were already down and we were experiencing a free flow of ideas and feelings, not the staid and formalized rituals of communication ala Bohemian Grove, but a truly orgiastic tumult of free spirits, brands, and alien intelligences in play. The ozone smell of Psychic V-Cards being furiously exchanged filled the air, and soon the very walls of time and space had collapsed around our dreams and intentions.

Or, at least, that's what I told my assistant. Waking up this morning I did not quite recollect most of the evening, or returning to my rooms, but thankfully had had the foresight to fill my pockets with the savory and nutritious fare provided by Ted Smith - if I'm not mistaken he may have enlisted Boontham Puthachat himself as caterer. After a short altercation with my assistant, I was able to subdue him and toss him the delicious crunchy morsels. This has been enough to occupy him while I relate this account of my business trip thus far.

I'm afraid I've missed most of today's events, recovering from last night (and, of course, teleporation-lag), but will soon return to swimming in the streams of intuitive dislocated networking with my people, who I have truly found here. Going to try and make it an early night so I don't miss Neil Gaiman's talk tomorrow. Why so early, @EarlyCluesIAO? ;) Hopefully I won't run into @DaveBuckloe, or I'll be out till dawn for sure. He's a dangerous one! ;)