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Was quite proud of the students at our Doing Business in Reality 2015 Conference last week. Read my wrap up below in Psyhigh's monthly newsletter, PsyTimes:, and if you're not already signed up to receive it, you can do so here:

On behalf of everyone at Psyhigh - a very big THANK YOU to Terry, The Most Interesting Chicken in the World, for making our lives just that much brighter this evening! Incredible stories - and an incredible life! You've given us all a great deal to think about.

I offer a class at in this exact discipline: Truly Inspirational Leaders Can Dodge Raindrops -

Please consider helping out my most revered colleagues at Early Clues as they maneuver through their difficult start-up straits! Contribute to their "3 Billion in 3 Days" Kickstarter campaign today!

I've been at my bungalow in Bahamas for the holidays, but ran into a spot of trouble with the local metadivinities (one too many hands of Tarot Poker with the Obeah Man!). Heading to Thai Ornament for their New Year’s shindig - summon me if you’re in the Boca Raton tri-cites area!

Internships for Psyhigh Students available at S.K.U.L.L. - voted one of the six best companies to work for!,37293/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_...

Great research being done by Psyhigh's Relaxifarian Business-Life Coaching Consultants at @earlyclues here: