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My barber, Roby, is Relaxifarian Ex-KillCorp Bot. I am proud, and salute his service! @earlyclues @psyhigh

Preparing for the Corporate Wonderland presentation by treating myself to an invisible haircut! @earlyclues @psyhigh

Kudos to the students impacted by this week’s jackal invasion. We’ll get the mobile classrooms upgraded any day now! @DianeKeys11 @psyhigh

Until then, all campus vending machines will be offline. Go drink some water or something. @psyhigh

Awaiting mediation of our Elven labor dispute by the UFR Board of Meta-Divinities. @earlyclues @quatrianpythia

LOST RING: No, seriously, I can offer you wealth and power beyond your wildest dreams, if you’ll just return my Skúli Ring of Bewilderment.

LOST RING: If anyone runs into my Skúli Ring of Bewilderment, please return it to my office ASAP. You will be rewarded handsomely!

And if you see “the little people” refilling the machines, don’t engage in conversation. It gives them the wrong idea.

Try Memlen Elven Cola™ in the morning! You can NEVER get enough! @psyhigh

With our Reality Generator Truancy Protocols, @FluVirus_, you may have a hard time knowing what "skipping" really looks like... @psyhigh